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Hermit's Out to Play

My cross-post from Opera to Live Journal:

I realize I haven't been here much - been busy with college and I don't know just felt a bit like a hermit for the last few weeks. The hermit is out to play a bit... a little 'fresh air' harms no one.

Hummm... taking a breather from school this week - start back monday. I created profiles LOL this weekend LOL>  I'll add them to my links area [easy access for myself].

It turned out chilly today - in the low 50's all day and 46F right now and it's almost April. Not as bad as it was last year this time but the heater is on tonight.


I'm setting up some profiles... nothing special.... the links list show's my profiles now created. My opera account is a few months old, I don't use it much but enjoy occasional ramblings at the Opera Community. Not much to see right now here at live journal.


This journal is simply my random ramblings - I never know what I may decide to post.

I am also a fan of Bob Dylan (as well as other musicians)... so don't be surprised to see posting musically related.

Other topics: Metaphysics, College & Everyday Life.

New friends welcome.


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